OUR Team

Counselors and Life Coaches

Dr. Mike Reeves

Biblical Counselor, Doctorate in Ministry

Executive Director of Thrive Program

Certified Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Scriptural Psychology Therapist, and Doctoral Diplomat.  Providing therapeutic counseling methods with a scriptural based approach to grief and healing for families, marriage, children, youth and men.

Ceslie Reeves

Executive Director, Certified Scriptural Psychology Therapist

Executive Director of Thrive Community Program.  Providing therapeutic counseling methods with a scriptural based approach to grief and healing for families, marriage and women.

Michael Priddy, MA, LCPC

Clinical Director, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Clinical Director of Thrive Community Program.  Former pastor and  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). Provide Christian counseling for individuals, marriages, and families, using CBT and Solution Focused Therapy.  My belief “Counseling apart from God is a temporary solution for potentially lifelong problems”.  Provide workshops for churches, schools, and other organizations.

Tony Pucket

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Life Coach

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Specialties include couples therapy, depression, anxiety and working with individuals who are struggling with identity/self esteem issues.

Kassie Castaneda

Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach

Kassie specializes in inner healing, deliverance, and Christian counsel & discipleship with women and children. She has compassion for the hurting and desires for hearts to be healed and minds set free from trauma and lies through Father God’s Love and Truth.

Ashlee Simonitch

Bachelor in Biblical Counseling, Certified Life Coach

Biblical counselor in Overland Park, Kansas. She graduated with her Bachelors in Biblical Counseling with highest honors. She is also certified as a life coach.

Dan Trout

Licensed Christian Counselor

Providing Best Practice Clinical Care to individuals and families. Primary area of expertise is working with those who have experienced trauma, with concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues and addictions.

Stephanie Hankins

Certified Mental Health Coach, Masters Degree in Education

Offering practical guidance and accountability to help adult individuals build stronger mental, spiritual, and physical health. Providing girls ages 14 years to 17 years of age support in life skills who are challenged with failure to launch, self-image, lack of socialism, and healthy relationships.

Samantha Ling

Certified Mental Health Coach

I am a Chinese born in Hong Kong, but raised in Canada. I am passionate about people, growth and living in the fullness of who God has made us to be. I am also passionate about the process, overcoming obstacles to fulfill the calling God has placed in each of us. I enjoy working with all ages, but specialize in young adults (25-40yrs old) and I am available for coaching in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I hope I can have the privilege to be apart of your growing journey with Jesus!
 我是中国⼈,出⽣在香港,但在加拿⼤⻓⼤。 在亚洲⽂化家庭⻓⼤,同时⽣活在⻄⽅并 不容易。 上帝带领我经历了⼀个过程,既重视⾃⼰的种族,⼜活出王国⽂化。 正因为如 此,我对⼈、成⻓和⽣活在上帝创造我们的圆满中充满热情。 我也对这个过程充满热 情,克服障碍来实现上帝给我们每个⼈的呼召。 我喜欢与所有年龄段的⼈⼀起⼯作,但 专注于年轻⼈(25-40 岁。 我可以⽤英语、粤语和普通话进⾏辅导。 我希望我能有幸成 为你与耶稣成⻓旅程的⼀部分 

Moriah Koch

Board Certified Mental Health Coach, Bachelor's Degree in Special Education and Communication Disorders, Targeted Case Manager.

Specializing serving children, adolescents and adults struggling with depression, identity distortions, self-worth, sense of purpose, and anxiety. Additional focus in providing services to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities tailored to meet specific, individual needs. Moriah is passionate about meeting each person where they are at and walking along-side them, step by step, as they learn to draw near to God and experience the hope and healing He brings.

Judy Kyle

Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach

Specializing in Christian Counsel and Inner Healing and Deliverance of heart wounds through the healing power of Jesus. Helping people to know who God is and who they are in Him. I am Christ’s Ambassador promoting power for change, love that heals and a sound mind that discerns error from truth.

Alfred Edwards

Certified Mental Health Coach

He is dedicated to endure the financial, emotional, and relational success of everyone, and those dealing with rejection, pride, failure, depression, and suicidal thoughts. He believes that we can all improve ourselves and our situations together!

Mia Finley

Licensed Masters Level Psychologist (LMLP) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Kansas

Specialized training and experience working with families impacted by criminogenic behavior and the criminal justice system. Has experience working with clients in several stages of their journeys to wellness, including crisis, symptom management, and development of healthy practices.  She believes there are intricate connections between mental, physical, and spiritual health, and she seeks to help her clients find wellness in all areas of life.

Lorna Jarrett

Certified Mental Health Coach; Master of Science  in Kinesiology

Lorna Jarrett is a licensed allied health professional and Certified Personal and Executive Coach through the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute. She specializes in coaching those with chronic disabilities, and in health and wellness. She has experience through the American Bible Society/Trauma Healing Institute leading group-based workshops in trauma healing. She has experience with executive and Organizational Coaching based in conflict resolution, team building, and racial harmony.

Timika Oridota

Certified Mental Health Coach

Certified Mental Health Coach and is currently seeking a specialization in Marriage and Family.

Camille McMickle

Certified Mental Health Coach Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing

Singer/ Songwriter, Psalmist, Author, and Music Therapist who specializes in healing through music therapy and writing. Camille is passionate about sharing hope and healing with those who struggle with fear, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, rejection, and any areas of the broken-hearted. Camille desires to help others find their purpose, healing, restoration, hope and victory in their lives in God through Christian and biblical based coaching. 

Val Schram

Certified Mental Health Coach

Specializes in coaching couples, women and girls of all ages in goal setting and helping them find next steps to help move them towards desires and life plans.  Helps to walk with people through basic trauma, struggles and unforgiveness.

Elise Hebert

Certified Mental Health Coach

Certified Mental Health Life Coach, with a passion to help women be all God created them to be, as well as families who have been impacted by suicide and suicide attempts. She has been in HR for over 25 years coaching and training others to reach goals, and overcome performance challenges. 

Dora Stafford

Certified Mental Health Coach, Certified T.L.S/CNA

Certified healthcare professional with 30 years teaching life skills/ADL's to children and adults with special needs, as well as with developmental disabilities. I am "passionately" looking forward to the journey that God Will take me on to expedite his plans, for people development and growth.

John Blackburn

Certified Mental Health Coach, BA in Biblical Education, MRE Degree, Currently writing dissertation for DRS in Pastoral Care and Counseling

Specializing in couples and individual life coaching, engagement coaching, relationship coaching, marriage and family counseling, wedding and funeral officiating as well as speaking at seminars and conferences.