Thrive Mental Health Program

Our Thrive Team

Mental Health Coaches

Life Coaching

Our THRIVE Life Coaches are trained professionals who will help clients stay on track to reach their goals and realize their dreams. For a small fee, clients will receive one on one mentorship specifically designed to motivate them to reach spiritual, personal and professional goals. THRIVE Life Coaches may work with individuals, couples and families. This part of the program is ideal for individuals who are ready to make significant changes to their lives.

Biblical Counseling

THRIVE Counselors are biblically-trained and professional counselors who are prepared to assist clients through mental and emotional challenges. Thrive Counselors provide empirically proven, Biblically sound, therapeutic techniques designed to bring healing to the hurting in a caring, nonjudgmental environment. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted. We are pleased to offer this important ministry through our THRIVE Community Program.
We believe the most important part of the THRIVE Community Program is our Church Partnerships who have agreed to provide support to families who have gone through our Program. These partnerships are foundational to spiritual and emotional healing for those we serve.


Telemedicine enables therapists to deliver efficient & convenient care for patients while increasing the reach the practice. Whether it’s routine visits or addressing an urgent need, telehealth for therapists provides face-to-face interaction without the hassle and expense on an in-office visit.